How do you make a wish using our Future Planet devices? What are the differences between the Cosmic Energy Transformer and the MPU?


Sophie Liu

February 4 at 12:08 a.m

Feel free to make a wish whilst gazing at this picture of the Cosmic Energy Transformer or to exchange something with it.

We thank the students who have recently ordered our MPU with the intention of stabilizing their family moods. Many people ask me what the difference is between the Cosmic Energy Transformer and the MPU? For those of you hesitating between the two, here is a simple explanation:

The MPU (Magravi Power Unit) is a symbolic representation of our body’s central nervous system, which all energy passes through. In fact, it’s our own body and our intentions that are doing all the real work here.
Three layers of clockwise and anti-clockwise spiralling coil enwrap the central Gans, which symbolizes our flesh and blood, our qi and our nervous system. When our Central Nervous System is functioning smoothly, electricity will run freely through our bodies.
When this symbolic representation synchronizes with our body’s central nervous system and we have sufficient energy, we are then able to interconnect with external energy circuits in our environment and thus be able to generate more electricity.

What’s more impressive is that the MPUs connect with everything in the nearby environment, powerful enough to send energy through to at least twenty households. When buyers are willing to take a deep breath and stabilize their central system, using just intention and a few simple actions, the energy of the environment becomes smoother and its range increases.

Once our world has opened enough MPUs, the negative cloud and emotional angst on the planet will gradually dissipate and a collective light will emerge at the end of the tunnel. All these light grids will reconnect and our lives will brighten, which will give the whole universe a greater sense of our Planet Earth, thereby reconnecting with us and giving us the support we need so that no one will ever need to feel lonely. We can open these energies with the assistance of an MPU device or through our own internal energy control. Some people have told me that I myself am the equivalent of at least twenty MPU devices, but I’m grateful simply to be able to watch and listen. I wish I could supply and share the energy of a million MPUs, but that would be too great a responsibility to take on my shoulders. It’s better for everyone to help generate this cosmic energy or to use an MPU device to assist in this goal.

Employing deep breathing to focus your consciousness and maintain concentration will help you to avoid confusion, errors, fear and the delusions or hallucinations that can occur during deep meditation. Your third eye and heart chakra will remain open and aware, which can also lead to a great deal of personal insight.

For families, it is clear that the main benefit of the MPU is to stabilize the family mood and unclog the emotions that have accumulated over many years, while saving electricity is just a welcome side-effect. However, saving electricity is also of critical importance, as this can help us to reduce the exploitation of the Earth’s resources and all living creatures; instead generating electricity directly from the clean and primitive energy source, directly from the cosmos.
The Cosmic Energy Transformer mimics the structure of crystals and diamonds, and acts as a craft for our consciousness. Each of the corners has three large spiralling coils , which represent the trinity of spirit, body and mind; of yin, yang and reproduction; of mother, father and child; of the source, the transition and the final material. These correspond to the Taoist proverb: the Tao begets the One (Emptiness), the One engenders the Two (Yin and Yang), Two produces the Three, and the Three generates all life forms, symbolizing blooming and the neverending story of life. The Gans water or crystals in the middle symbolize our consciousness, or the source of our consciousness – a constant flow of energy radiating outwards to interconnect us with the cosmos.

That’s why when sitting above or beneath a Cosmic Energy Transformer, your central axis quickly straightens, you begin breathing deeply and rhythmically, then you start to feel calm and content. This is the feedback I have received from the majority of friends who have tried this experiment.

Though the effect of the energy converters will vary in speed and power depending on the physical and mental state of the person using them, the following testimony is a striking example of their potential:
A very sick old man who originally had next-to-no vitality remaining, managed to regain his rosy complexion, was able to sweat, stand up, walk and take care of himself within an hour of interacting with the energy converter, because the smoothness of his breathing cycle had returned.

What’s more, it provides a steady stream of inspiration and insight, leading you to automatically do what you really need and are supposed to do, thereby your physical strength will synchronize with this mission and multiply your energy further.

If there are too many physical and mental issues that are obstructing smooth circulation, then it clean step by step; first clean your chakras of accumulated emotions, stabilize your central axis, open up the sahasrara (from the crown of your head), crystalise your structure and let your life bloom anew. Even if you can hardly feel it, it is incredibly effective and has already begun its cleansing work.

It is not necessary to plug the device into an electricity socket, you can simply place one somewhere and gaze at it, or put one under a chair and sit above it.

Which one should you buy?
I would recommend starting with the MPU, but if you have many sick friends and family at home and therefore greater energy needs, you can also consider skipping the MPU and going straight to the Cosmic Energy Transformer.
However, the MPUs also have a role to play in that case, as they are extremely effective at cleaning out all the lingering family emotional blockages. Many people once again become deeply attached to their homes and are willing to focus all their attention inwardly, resisting the temptation to look outwardly, voluntarily choosing to first stabilize their internal world and their homes before expanding and developing outwards. This also allows you to save energy and save electricty.
You can make wishes or vows towards either of the devices. If your wish is large and ambitious, include a simple description to focus the wish and then just relax and let it all go, do not keep this pent-up expectation inside, let the energy do the rest. Your personal needs will naturally be taken care of in the process, sometimes beyond your greatest imagination. Even if everything still seems dreadful at the beginning, understand that in fact you are taking the first step, preparing yourself to be able to heal eventually.

In short you’ll begin to appreciate that everything is just fine, no, everything is more than fine – it’s blissful.

Ideally, I would suggest you purchase two devices(Cosmic Energy Transformer and MPU),and have them working in unison. Recently, more and more of my students have bought two of them together as a set, whilst further ordering MPUs for their other family members and their company offices. However, don’t force it, don’t crave too much and don’t overextend yourself at the beginning. Start with what is feasible – the family members or associates who you feel more confident of success with. I will accompany you through this process.

The black prototype of the Cosmic Energy Transformer is not only suitable for home-use, but also for large institutions and enterprises.

Personally, I have prepared four black Cosmic Energy Transformers for my family and myself, as we have many great ambitions and goals for the coming year.
What’s fascinating is that after resolving to buy the MPUs, the very next day income more than made up for my outflow of funds the previous day.

Recently, one of my students told me that after sitting for two hours with the Cosmic Energy Transformer, he felt a switch in his head turned on. In fact it’s the self-declarations that I’ve given him, which have transformed into new perspectives from which to view his life , that have really turned the switch on.

Another student wrote that the MPU inadvertently improved their mother-daughter relationship, which had been tense and standoffish for years, gradually sweetening over a period of just three months. These stories need to be shared…

I want you to understand that the beauty of the device is in its elegant simplicity; it is nothing more complicated than your own intention and breathing. If you are unable to focus your intentions to engage in long term practice, then make use of these accessories to assist you.