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Assistance for smoother breathing and energy flow during times of pandemic and lockdown

MPU@ Pot Coffee (Dihua Street)

As the Covid-19 virus spreads through our hospitals, apart from always being on high-alert and isolating, the next most important thing is to regularly allow yourself to enter into a calm state, to feel and understand your body’s condition and not overwork yourself. Get plenty of rest, breathe well and eat slowly. By working to the rhythm of your breathing, keeping your mood relaxed and letting your heart sing, you can reduce the chance of further breakouts and infection.

We highly recommend placing one or several MPUs or cosmic energy converters in medical institutions, corporate institutions and other gathering spaces. The energy converters support the smooth horizontal and vertical flow of energy in our bodies and the surrounding environment.


小宇宙能量交換機Small Cosmic Energy Switch


How do you make a wish using our Future Planet devices? What are the differences between the Cosmic Energy Transformer and the MPU?


We thank the students who have recently ordered our MPU with the intention of stabilizing their family moods. Many people ask me what the difference is between the Cosmic Energy Transformer and the MPU? For those of you hesitating between the two, here is a simple explanation: